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30 Second Church Online Giving Demo!

Check out just how easy your members and donors can give and become recurring donors!

Full Demos on Accepting Online Donations

Sample Screens of our Onling Giving Tools

Our easy-to-use, intuitive interface gives your donors and administrators real-time information. This simple, yet powerful donor management dashboard helps to increase confidence for donors and streamline tasks for administrators. These are a few examples of the views a donor and or administrator see when they log in to our donor management tools. For a full demo of the product and features, please contact us via our contact form.
Onling Giving Screens for Donors
Fundraising Tools
Church Donor Dashboard - YTD Contributions
As soon as a donor logs into their MyGivingSolutions account,
they will see a breakdown of their YTD donations.


My Giving Solutions Fundraising Tools
Donor Management Dashboard Tool - YTD Budget
Donors can also see Budgeted vs. Given charts for all funds to
which they've donated.
Donor Management Screens for Administrators  

My Giving Solutions Fundraising Tools
Administrative Dashboard Tool - Manage Contributions
MyGivingSolutions provides an incredibly simple interface to view
snapshots of YTD Giving and Donor participation.

My Giving Solutions Fundraising Tools
Admininistrative Dashboard Tool - Powerful Donor Tracking
Administrators can take advantage of robust features to
create detailed reports of all donor activities. Donation Management Software Brochure

Church Donation Management Software